Seven Black British Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Podcasting has fast become a ubiquitous media format for consumption. From the highly entertaining, to the incredibly informative, there’s something out there for everyone looking for audio respite.

Here are just seven of the best Black British podcasts, each covering a variety of perspectives and topics.

  1. The Receipts
    Who: Tolly T, Audrey (formerly known as Ghana’s Finest) and Milena Sanchez.
    What: No topic is off limits as these three Londoners discuss pop culture, life, some wild listener dilemmas; and everything in between.
    Tune in for: A refreshingly honest perspective on relationships and everyday life experiences, that will have you howling on your commute.

  1. Rice at Home
    Who: Ama, Travis and Michael.
    What: Every week, the three hosts bring you the latest in black business, finance and entrepreneurship as well as current affairs.
    Tune in for: Pearls of financial wisdom and great #brokestories (don’t lie, we’ve all been there).
  2. Mostly Lit
    Who: Alex Reads, Raifa and Derek.
    What: Named one of the best podcasts in 2017, the trio unpacks the intersection between literature, film, TV and pop culture from the black millennial perspective.
    Tune in for: An educated insight into the arts that isn’t from the old, white and male perspective we are high-key tired of.
  3. 3 Shots of Tequila
    Who: Marv Abbey, Mr Exposed and Tazer Black.
    What: Three men calling it like it is, most of the time on air and sometimes on stage.
    Tune in for: Guaranteed laughs and the occasional gasp as the hosts jump in on topics like dating, sex and pop culture.
  4. Why Aren’t You a Doctor Yet?
    Who: Alex, Oz and Su.
    What: Like science, but not the jargon? Listen here as two PhD students and a journalist explore topics in STEM.
    Tune in for: A fun and explanatory take on the latest in technology and science.
  5. The Nerd Council
    Who: Timi, Ludo, Ryan and Imbran
    What: A bi-monthly homage to all things nerd, for other nerds.
    Tune in for: Discussions on comics, TV series and films that seasoned and rookie nerds can enjoy.
  6. Over the Bridge
    Who: Patrick, Tom, Kwaku and Bilal.
    What: What does life after Cambridge hold for four black and mixed-race men?
    Tune in for: Intersectional conversations about race, class and identity from Cambridge grads.