5 Black British Owned Hair & Beauty Salons In… London!

The beauty industry as a whole has always and will forever be, a huge money-maker. For centuries, men and women have been paying close attention to their appearance, making sure they always look and feel their best with whatever they have.

It goes all the way back to school where the boys rocked the slits in their eyebrows and shaved their whole heads leaving just enough hair at their nape for that one lonely plait (you know what I’m talking about). Girls would roll up to school with the thickest and blackest eyeliner known to man, slicking our edges and putting lollipops in our hair because nobody could tell us we were not fly.

Nowadays, it’s moved on to ensuring the dreads are as neat as can be, the fade has the perfect gradient; and that your wig gets the “what frontal?” response all the girls are gagging for. It’s safe to say that we have been pouring our money into the beauty industry since we started getting pocket money we didn’t want to spend on sweets.

Of late, I’ve noticed that the London’s Black British beauty industry in particular, has taken it up a notch with many sleek and stylish beauty salons popping up all over the gaff, rivalling our Caucasian counterparts! It’s no longer just Auntie’s salon in Peckham where you’d spend the whole day just to re-up on your perm. No! Now, we have salons where they serve you tea and coffee people! We made it!

Below, I’ve compiled a list of 5 salons in particular that have caught my attention this year (some are brand, spanking new), but of course there are many, many more!

  1. Radiant London

With a recently opened second location, the aesthetically pleasing Radiant London not only offers your standard hair services such as braids, perms, weaves and natural hair treatments; they also provide a makeup service and sell hair extensions / customised wigs!

Where? Bermondsey & Croydon



IG: @radiantlondonsalon


  1. Herdefinition

Operating Tuesday-Saturday, the Herdefinition beauty bar offers hair services for all hair types, nails, makeup and bridal beauty, satisfying all of your beauty needs. They specifically suggest their ‘HD Blowdrys’, stating that it is “a 30-minute express service that will guarantee you feeling on top of the world!”

Where? Streatham



IG: @herdefinition / @hdblowdrys


  1. Shea Styles

Specialising in custom wigs, this newly opened salon in Bromley is an extension of Shea Styles’ already booming wig business, offering premium wigs (closures, frontals… you name it!)

Where? Bromley


IG: @sheastylesuk


  1. Bernicia Boateng Studios

This East London makeup hub is the place to go if you want to get your face beat for any occasion! They offer in-studio as well as mobile makeup applications, with space for you to get ready for your night out! For those of you that want to brush up on your makeup skills, workshops are available too.

Where? Leyton



IG: @berniciaboatengstudios


  1. Hapin Hair Lounge

Want your hair to look exactly like the picture you took off Instagram? Look no further; Hapin Hair Lounge has you covered! A quick browse of their Instagram feed will have you ready to book all of your appointments for the rest of the year.

Where? Camberwell


IG: @hapinhairlounge

If you have any salons across the UK that you’d like to shout about, please feel free to share – let’s help each other out!