Black British Teachers | COVID-19

Covid-19 resulted in schools across the world closing. Children and teachers were forced to adapt to a new way of interacting with the widespread adoption of e-learning, where teaching is performed remotely on digital platforms.

GCSE and A-Level students also received the hard-hitting news that exams will be cancelled this year and that qualifications will be awarded based on predictions made by teachers. Research has shown that only one in six predicted A-Level results are correct – and teachers, students and experts fear that black and minority ethnic students will be hit hardest. Studies conducted in 2011 found black applicants had the lowest predicted grade accuracy – at 39% – while white students had the highest – at 53%.

Brits + Pieces’ (BRAP) latest series, ‘The Invisible Enemy’ shares with the world the stories of Black Brits living through the biggest pandemic of the century. In this second part, BRAP provides insight into the experiences of a few Black British Teachers.