Broadcasting ourselves: up and coming Black British YouTubers

YouTube is to video watching what Google is to search. Having been acquired by the infamous search engine giant in 2006, YouTube’s momentum as a ubiquitous social media platform has grown since its very first video was uploaded in 2005.

From raw footage to seamless production, the website plays host to a wealth of content that caters to even the most niche subscribers. It’s no wonder then that every minute sees over 500 hours of content being uploaded to the video platform worldwide. Closer to home, it was found that 37.1 million adults were tuning into the platform in the UK in 2018.

In fact, you can even keep track of the virality of YouTube’s upload stats on this live upload counter – proper mind blowing.

Let’s take a look at some up-and-coming Black British Youtubers who are producing a variety of homegrown content.

  1. Munch Club TV

Let’s eat! Munch Club TV brings together a ‘passion for food with [his] insatiable appetite for black culture’. Need food inspo served with stimulating conversation? Munch Club TV will have it on the menu.

2. Pretty Budget

I don’t know about you, but stepping the bag up is usually one of my New Year’s resolutions every year. Pretty Budget invites your to follow her on her journey to financial freedom with videos offering advice and budgeting hacks. Say it with me – I will secure the bag!

3. Lala Love

Kayela of Lala Official wears many titles: wardrobe stylist, host, body-positive influencer and model to name a few. Her refreshing candour and outlook comes in varying shades of pink.

4. Curlture

In 2014, best friends Jay and Tri created Curlture to empower black women through their natural hair. Since then, the duo have expanded their focus to feature black beauty, pop culture, fashion and travel. The women are also published authors and regularly host events.

5. Nathan’s World

Nathan’s channel currently features travel vlogs and upcoming content about Nathan’s transition.

6. Nataleebfitness

With a little help from Natalee, you can be your own body goals. Tune in for tips for toning at home, Q&As on fitness and helpful guides for targeting muscle groups. We move!

7. Deetalks

Life comes at you fast when you’re just (or still) getting started on this adulting thing. Deetalks aims to ‘provide great tips, advice and important facts about our society and economy’.

8. Kore&Susie

This young, married couple bring you a spectrum of content – from travel, vlogs, advice and pranks, Kore and Susie have it covered.

9. Lateef Saka

YouTube is a goldmine for skincare videos created by women. Lateef Saka’s videos offer skincare routines for men and advice on how to brighten up dull skin.

While the skincare conversation is led by many qualified women, it’s refreshing to see a black British man create content that’s geared towards black skin.

Who are your up-and-coming black British YouTube faves? Let us know in the comments below.