Mothers Day Special: 3 Generations

When I think of the Windrush I think of the infamous 3 words ‘No blacks! No Whites! No Irish!’ Words that were plastered on many establishments warning the thousands that had left their homes in answer to Britain’s call for work that they were not welcome here. As a proud Nigerian I decided to sit down with my mum and grandma (with a special feature from my son too) to shed some light on the African experience of the Windrush.

Becoming a parent myself over the past year has prompted me to take even more time to reflect on the experiences of my mum and granny in a much less tolerant and inclusive London. It’s important that my son and future children know about their history including the trials, tribulations and achievements of all who have contributed to shaping the lives they will be blessed to lead.

Part One: Moving From Lagos to London for love an safety


Part Two: Experiencing the UK education system


Part Three: Looking for a job while black


Part Four: Dealing with racism in the workplace


Part Five: Solidarity between Africans and Caribbeans