Upcoming Talent: N8tive

“My goal for this year is to make myself present inside the music scene, I want people to know that I’m here… people all over the country.”

For those of you who want to hear fresh new talent, keep your ears and eyes open for upcoming rapper N8tive.

Representing South East London, he is already steaming up the British music scene with his witty lyrics and punchy lines.  N8tive’s songs have such a youthful and playful vibe, which he proudly states are inspired by the 90s alternative hip-hop group, The Pharcyde.

Fun fact:  N8tive replaced the ‘a’ with ‘8’ in his name, in order to symbolise the eight-year age gap between him and his sister.

As an artist, taking risks and experimenting is the best way to develop in such a competitive industry, with a high demand, especially when it comes to catering to the audience.  This is relatable to N8tive’s transition, from rapping in an American accent on 90s hip hop instrumentals, to now rapping in his British accent.  Even though this proved to be a challenge for N8tive, he is now learning to merge the two together through his lyrics, music and tone of voice.

So far, N8tive has released four grime tracks and is currently in the works with more to come, for his Culture’s Calling album.  Mankind, Bizarre and Soul offer a head-bopper kind of vibe, while Blessings slows down the pace for listeners to sit back and reflect with him.  Despite the variation in the tone of these tracks, they all highlight his grind and ambitions to elevate as an artist, as well as making his loved ones proud.

N8tive is only starting out in the music industry, yet his career is already taking off to another level.  He was recently sponsored by Agora clothing, which is a perfect combination to his 90s fashion sense.  N8tive also started off the year by freestyling on BBC Radio, had a successful gig at Amersham, and has also received recognition from Link Up TV, who will remaster his music video for Blessings.  He is living the artist dream!

It doesn’t stop there, his latest track Culture is finally out now.


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